Watch this space for good things…

Many of you who are reading this will of found this website from my personal Facebook or Twitter.

So you’ll now be wondering what this is all about.

Well over New Year I got thinking that I’d love to start doing YouTube and writing up reviews again. Sadly TinyHosting & TinyTech no longer exist and I can’t go into detail right now but I’ll explain more in the future.

As for now I’ve included a few reviews I wrote up on TinyTech and will begin writing up more reviews, travel and tech news in due course.

For now here is what is coming.

Over the next few months as I get out and about I’ll be filming my travels and doing short videos for YouTube which you’ll also find here too.

If you just want random blog posts from me those will remain over at this website will mainly contain the things I get up to and enjoy doing.

More details to follow!

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