Knits Unique – London Midland Inspired Cushion

For those of you who enjoy travelling around by train and all things railway you may of watched All The Stations on YouTube. If not click  Subscribe to check out the great channel.

Anyway at the end of their journey both Geoff & Viki where given a knitted hat each. Geoff’s was based on All The Stations colours and Viki’s was based on the London Midland seating cover as she liked this most.

Anyway the knitting was done by a lovely lady who runs Knits Unique. The links for Knits Unique are:

Website Facebook Twitter Etsy

I liked the hats so much I ordered my own All The Stations Hate and a London Midland Inspired Cushion.

Here you can see the colouring is based on the seat covering as used by London Midland. The colouring is actually a decent set of colours which match rather nicely.

So yes I ordered this custom made cushion and I must say it’s amazing. It’s very soft and the filling is very soft and cozy. I’d thoroughly recommend anyone who wants a railway inspired cushion or maybe one that’s unique to drop Knits Unique a message. You can choose your colours to match a design or pattern you like.

When I first picked up the cushion I got back to where I was staying (I collected it whilst I was staying in London!) I actually fell asleep on it as it’s so soft. I’ll be doing a YouTube video very soon which will feature the cushion and hat! So watch this space for more information.

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